It is a project focused on promoting spaces for the academic and professional training of young people, through different lines of action that allow them to access training or professional updating on water-related issues. Read more.
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Water for
It aims to provide solutions to different populations in Latin America with latent needs in terms of water resources. These solutions are represented by equipment for the provision of drinking water. Read more.
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It supports the training of school-age students to develop knowledge on water-related issues that will help improve their relationship with the environment and the resources that the planet has available to everyone. This program highlights the activities of the ALADYR WATER OLYMPICS. Click here for more information.
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How to Help?

Contributing to the care of water and the environment, sustainable development, and education is possible through the donations we receive from legal entities and individuals. These allows us to develop different campaigns and projects that we carry out in ALADYR for the sustainable management of water in Latin America.

If you are interested in contributing to our cause, we have several ways you can support us:

  • Donations
  • Corporate Support
  • Academic Support
  • Volunteering

Write to us, and we will tell you how to participate.

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