ALADYR is an institution focused on the dissemination and promotion of technologies and projects for Desalination and Treatment of Water and Effluents for Reuse and Consumption. Therefore, we provide this definition of terms to the community to standardize concepts among stakeholders such as media, educational institutions, companies, organizations, and government agencies.

If you would like to add any terms to our glossary or correct any mistakes in the terms here, please contact us.

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*Aeration: A technique used in water treatment that requires a source of oxygen, commonly known as aerobic biological water purification. This technique brings water into contact with air droplets or by spraying the air with aeration facilities. Then presses the air through the water surface, and bubbles and supplies water with oxygen.

Aquifers: according to the RAE it is a water-bearing underground layer. In ALADYR context it can be used to refer to natural groundwater deposits or streams.

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