Water for


Water free of impurities and accessible to all is an essential part of the world in which to live, there is enough freshwater on the planet to achieve this dream, however, currently, the distribution of water is not adequate, and is expected that by 2050 at least 25% of the world's population will live in a country affected by chronic and repeated shortages of freshwater.

Drought affects some of the world's poorest countries, exacerbates hunger, malnutrition, and water scarcity. Along with poor water quality and inadequate sanitation, impacts food safety, subsistence means, and educational opportunity for poor families around the world. 

"Water for Everyone" aims to provide solutions to different communities in Latin America with pressing needs in terms of water resources. These solutions are embodied in the donation of equipment for the supply of drinking water or access to water for various uses. In ALADYR we are ready to develop projects in collaboration with the most outstanding professionals and companies, for communities, schools, hospitals, among others. Allowing these communities to mitigate their problems regarding water resources and to have access to suitable water for human consumption, always under the premise of transparency, sustainable use of water, and environmental respect.

How to Help?

Contributing to the care of water and the environment, sustainable development, and education is possible through the donations we receive from legal entities and individuals. These allows us to develop different campaigns and projects that we carry out in ALADYR for the sustainable management of water in Latin America.

If you are interested in contributing to our cause, we have several ways you can support us:

  • Donations
  • Corporate Support
  • Academic Support
  • Volunteering

Write to us, and we will tell you how to participate.