Las personas naturales (profesionales y estudiantes) que se unen a ALADYR, disfrutarán de los siguientes beneficios:


Las empresas y sociedades que se unen a ALADYR, además de recibir los beneficios con los que cuentan las personas naturales, también disfrutan de:

The companies and associations that join ALADYR receive the benefits that individuals have, but also have the advantages of:

  • Mention your integration to ALADYR on social media to give you greater exposure and visibility. 
  • ALADYR badge to post on your social media and communication platforms, as a banner of your commitment to water management.
  • Logo on our website with a direct link to the member company's website. You can link your website or communication platforms to advertise your services and showcase that your company is part of this renowned organization.
  • Seminars and Congresses. Members receive discounts on sponsorships, booths, and the like at events organized by ALADYR. 
  • Strategic Relationships. ALADYR members who sponsor our events can access the attendees' databases. This allows them to establish profitable relationships within the sector by lobbying and connecting with potential clients. These databases are provided one week before and one week after the event.
  • Priority to be selected as speakers at ALADYR events.
  • The possibility of publishing quarterly technical and informative content in our magazine "Aguas Latinoamérica" which is distributed online to a base of over 60,000 contacts. Our readership reports exceed 13,000 readers, and with each edition, the number continues to increase. This is an excellent opportunity to not only contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in water management but also to promote your products and services through our social media and communication platforms.
  • Advertisement in the ALADYR Magazine. Members who publish technical and informative content in our magazine can include a one-page advertisement which can be designed by our design team if your company does not have this service, or you can send us your own ready-made advertisement.
  • Translations. ALADYR offers translation services for member companies looking to publish content in English, Portuguese, or Spanish in our Magazine or social media, and reach a wider audience.
  • Communication and institutional journalism consulting services. We help you showcase your highlights for the industry. We can prepare press releases based on the inputs you provide or publish the ones you send us. Our services also include sharing press releases with allied media to increase their reach and impact among different target audiences 
  • Our social media is also yours. Our social media are available to disseminate technical content, informative notes (not commercial), and informative/technical videos and interviews. 
  • Access to our content sections and ALADYR virtual library (ALADYR website). More than 450 technical presentations via registration on our platform to explore ALADYR's content sections and virtual library on the website.
  • Hosting webinars. Subject to review by the Technical Committee. The cost is 1,000 USD. If you are interested in offering a webinar, we can help you with all the logistics involved. We offer a platform that can host up to 10,000 attendees, and we can send invitations to our databases to ensure the attendance of end users, potential customers, and partners.
  • ALADYR website will publish your events in the PARTNER EVENTS section and assist in promoting your activities.
  • Participate in partnerships, business roundtables, and project development. If you need to attend industry-related meetings, contact us and we'll help you connect with potential allies, customers, and members through our data networks.
  • User experience analysis and optimization of LinkedIn. If you need help with optimizing your LinkedIn profile, we can provide you with a user experience optimization manual and suggest improvements that can be implemented on this platform. We understand that your main focus is water-related, but it's important to communicate effectively to achieve our goals. Let us guide you through the process.
  • Let's communicate together. Member companies are provided with a list of topics of interest and an agenda of topics that can be used to position their content in the media. If any of these topics are of value to your company, you can inform us, and we will include them in our articles and press releases. We can all contribute knowledge from our experience.
  • ALADYR Homepage. Once a year, for one week, we will feature your logo on the homepage of our website as well as on our social media pages. This will include a direct link to your website, which will help redirect traffic to your website and increase your presence on social media.
  • Weekly news digest. Every Monday you will receive a summary of industry news in your registered emails, making it easier to stay up to date.
  • ALADYR CHAT. Our members are an integral part of a thriving community that shares valuable information and communicates relevant facts to foster industry growth. As an ALADYR member, you have the opportunity to join our WhatsApp group, where you will connect with representatives of member companies and partner organizations. This is an effective way to get quick answers, and request information and contacts.
  • Program content. Your comments and feedback regarding the technical programs of ALADYR events, inviting speakers/exhibitors, and reporting are highly valued. Your contributions are publicly acknowledged to show appreciation for your collaboration.
  • Job Opportunities. ALADYR is a partner that helps your company find suitable job profiles ranging from professional positions to internships. We have established strong alliances with prestigious universities, study centers, and research centers to provide us with students and professionals who excel in their respective fields. Our members can explore job opportunities within your company. If your company has any job vacancies, just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in this process.
  • You can enjoy discounted rates when you participate in events organized by partner associations.
  • In addition to the benefits outlined above, ALADYR serves as a valuable ally for MEMBER COMPANIES to attract potential clients and strategic players, strengthen their management, and position themselves in the market. 


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400 Young Leaders throughout Latin America. This year we will be even more…

Participating in ALADYR, helping in the organization of some events, attending congresses, seminars and webinars, and learning the knowledge it provides, has been a very good experience, which I recommend to all students or recent graduates of water-related careers.

-- Ignacio Monardes, ITECK