26 – 27 April, 2023

Attendees: 300 Assistants

Event Summary

The ALADYR International Congress Brazil will be held on April 26th and 27th at the BLUE TREE FARIA LIMA HOTEL in São Paulo city with the participation of 300 attendees.

Our technical presentations and panels program was developed based on suggestions from companies from different sectors (assemblers, operators, technology suppliers, engineering consultants, etc.), universities and research centers, governmental entities, NGOs, and end users.

We highlight the following program panels:

  • Legal, environmental, and sustainability aspects of alternative water sources: This panel integrates presentations of the legislation, regulations, and experiences of different sectors involved. Participants include industrial organizations, sanitation companies, government, law agencies, industry associations, and international and national markets.
  • Technological innovations and success stories: This panel presents successful projects and national and international valuable experiences for the Brazilian context regarding technological innovations and case studies in the sector; technological breakthroughs associated with desalination and energy, seawater collection and discharge technologies to mitigate marine impacts, artificial intelligence, reuse and desalination system controls, new treatment technologies, among others. The panel includes the participation of industries, companies and technology providers, end users, academia, and research centers.
  • Reuse and desalination – Business models and comparisons: Assessment of technical, economic, legal, safety, and environmental aspects of desalination, water reuse, and effluent treatment.

Other topics on our program:

– Potable reuse – Circular Water Economy – Green hydrogen – Trends and technological breakthroughs – Incentives and financing – Project development – Strategic planning – Pricing – Water quality/pollution – Water and agriculture.
We want you to co-create this thematic program and also ensure that you meet valuable contacts for your professional development and the growth of your organization or company. Therefore, we invite you to share your suggestions for possible speakers and guests that may interest you; we will be happy to reach out to them to provide you with an excellent experience. Email [email protected]











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