14 – 16 November, 2023

Attendees: 500 Assistants

Event Summary

Our ALADYR BIENNIAL CONGRESS 2023 will be held at the prestigious W Hotel in Santiago de Chile city.

A meeting to gather over 500 attendees from at least 20 countries in Latin America and other regions. This Congress is the biggest event of the Latin American Association of Desalination and Water Reuse, ALADYR and its purpose is to reunite the most outstanding professionals of the desalination, water reuse, effluent treatment and efficient water management industry to exchange information and experiences that contribute to the development of the region.

The Congress will feature two main areas: technical-informative and commercial. We will provide two parallel halls to offer over 30 technical presentations by renowned leaders in the desalination and water reuse industry, success stories for different productive areas of national and international interest – provided by outstanding end users, research supported by prestigious research centers, regulatory frameworks, legislation, and more.

Our program of technical presentations is based on the submissions of representatives of companies in the field (assemblers, suppliers, O&M, engineering consultants, etc.), academies or research centers, governmental entities, NGOs, or end users. Topics of interest include:

– Desalination – Effluents – Reuse – Circular Water Economy – Sustainability – Energy and Water Recovery – Legislation and Regulations – Trends and Technological Breakthroughs – Incentives and Financing – Project Development – Success Stories – Efficient Water Management by End Users (End User presentations are free of registration fees) – Sanitation – Strategic Planning – Pricing – Water Quality / Pollution – Green Hydrogen – Water Positive.

Our sponsors will have a spacious area for trade shows, recreating multiple open rooms of a large cafeteria with the best urban style for interaction, lobby, commercial exchange, and engagement of potential clients and partners. This area will have a parallel stage for commercial presentations, allowing all our sponsors to showcase their products and services without limitations on content and communication tools.

We want you to be a co-organizer of our program and ensure the participation of stakeholders for your professional and company growth. Therefore, we encourage you to share your comments regarding possible speakers and guests relevant to you. We will be pleased to reach out to them to offer you an excellent experience.



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