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Irrigation of agricultural crops with recycled water and the regulations that protect the public health

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Bahman Sheikh, PhD, PE

Consultor Independiente en Reúso de Agua

Bahman Sheikh has over 30 years of domestic and international experience in research, planning, and design of water resources projects, specializing in water conservation, reclamation, reuse, and recycling.  Dr. Sheikh’s career began as a university professor. His academic career was followed by consulting, technical investigations, master planning, and design of water resources facilities. Sheikh’s water recycling experience includes service in both the public and private sectors. For the City of Los Angeles, he developed long-term water reuse goals, planned water recycling projects to the year 2090, and advanced public outreach. 

The focus of much of Dr. Sheikh’s service is on public health and safety of recycled water used for irrigation, industry, and drinking applications. Most of Dr. Sheikh’s service is concentrated in California, Colorado, and Hawai’i. In addition, he has served clients with water reuse projects in 21 countries, including Peru, Bonaire, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, and Tunisia.

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