The Young Leaders Program is an ALADYR initiative that promotes and strengthens actions that promote the participation of young people, students and professionals in actions that guarantee academic preparation, research and technology development around desalination, reuse and water and effluents treatment through the economic contribution and support of companies. We prepare the present to ensure a sustainable future of Water by turning our youth into industry and society Leaders.


  • Integrate young people, students and professionals in the various activities carried out by ALADYR. Participation in events, research, technology development and academic links.
  • Support the academic education of young people with careers linked to ALADYR.
  • Forge alliances with the most prominent schools in Latin America that are within the scope of action of ALADYR.
  • Promote spaces for the academic, professional and practical training of young people through the support of our partner companies.
  • Facilitate employability of young professionals in ALADYR’s partner companies.

The YLP has two areas of action: Youth Space and Active Academy.


Oriented to the integration of young people in ALADYR's and allied associations events and activities with the principle of developing, updating and apprehending knowledge about desalination, reuse and treatment of water and effluents.


Synergy between ALADYR and the Academy (universities, institutes, internship programs and others alike) that allows young people to receive more and better tools to be educated as future professional leaders in water management.


  • Participate in training activities with active industry professionals.
  • Update knowledge with the company of recognized experts with international experience.
  • Generate strategic relationships with future benefits for the development of your professional career.
  • Meet other young people with similar interests to enable integration in other spaces and generate valuable actions for your academic training.
  • Get financial contributions if you are part of the logistics and organization team for the ALADYR events: “Active Youth Brigade”.
  • Receive our Newsletter, as well as technical books and access to ALADYR's virtual library.
  • By being part of the young people benefiting from the program through company sponsorships, you can apply for the ACTIVE ACADEMY at no cost during the first year as long as the conditions are met.


  • The expenses corresponding to the enrollment of young local students in the ALADYR events (SEMINARS AND CONGRESSES) will be financed according to the funds obtained. A maximum of 10 students are funded per event.
  • In case there are more than 10 applicants, those with the best academic average will be chosen.
  • The application can be done individually or in a group with a reference from the study house.


  • Be a candidate for internships in ALADYR partner companies.
  • Publish papers and research in the ALADYR media.
  • Request financial support to participate in local events of ALADYR partner entities.
  • Visit plants and companies
  • Develop projects to get promotions, theses and others alike with the support of an ALADYR mentor. "Tutors within our members."
  • Request financial and technical support (creation of teams) to develop valuable research linked to ALADYR.
  • Be a candidate to give presentations and present technical papers at ALADYR events.
  • Opt for scholarships and national and international awards.


  • Stay up to date with the annual YLP payment.
  • Present the academic record, which must exceed 80% of the qualification range stipulated by your house of study. This condition will be subject to evaluation.
  • Technical papers and valuable articles of your authorship will be requested to be published in a special section of the Newsletter: "Youth Knowledge".
  • An essay should be written highlighting the importance of training young people on valuable topics for ALADYR and reflecting the participant's social perspective: we are committed to young people.
  • A letter of recommendation issued by the house of studies in which you are currently studying must be delivered.
  • Once approved, you must have a LinkedIn profile where the ALADYR logo and the benefit received through the Program are visible.


  • The age basis for participation is between 20-30 years, undergraduate or graduate university students.
  • Proof of current studies must be submitted.
  • Follow us on our social networks, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Access our website, YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAM option, and fill out the registration form.
  • Pay the value of $ 25 USD.